Saturday, May 3, 2014

Getting Back into it !

Was not back a few days, barely had my head back on and was out taking pics.

Friday night was the fabulous Irene Toress and the SugarDevils.

This girl could sing !!

And the band was not bad either.
The drummer is actually local session guy, Ted Peacock, who filled in for the night - was hard to believe , he was tight and on the mark, all night 

Gotta like big electric hollow bodies !

Got those out of the camera and then got an invite from my #1 customer at Chanel , The Bay Masonville, tho grab some shots from the Gala on the 26th that happened all day .

Nice to see some girls all dressed up and out enjoying the day !
These two girls were in all decked out and looking good.

Gotta like the shoes.
Of course we know how the Canon loves red.

The Anita Norris Model Agency was out , doing a fashion show with their lovely models and The Bay fashions.

 Not bad for first weekend back.

Admitting it is tough getting back into the swing of things when away for so long, and yes 25 days away is a long time not taking photos.

More to come as always.


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