Monday, January 21, 2013

Count Down Once Again....

Count down is on to blast off to Bangladesh.

Headed out Jan 28th for 10 day whirlwind tour, based from Dhaka.
Seems like I just go back from India !!

Another trip after that in planning stages, something interesting and not the usual travel destination.

While waiting I do manage to find some time to take photo's, though as usual lack of inspiration slows me down. Did manage to bump into my Brazilian Super Model , Vicky

 so will see what we can do when I am back.

Spent the last week, doing my volunteer piece for Heart and Stroke Foundation , as they prepare for Heart Month - February.

They have over 2000 canvassers knocking at doors in the month of February , so when they do please take a moment , give few dollars, help make a difference.

While at one event , spotted this rendition of an iconic National Geographic Photo , done by one of the students at Wilfred Laurier Secondary School.

The original photo taken  by Steve Mcmurray for National Geographic June 1985 cover ,  an Afghan girl, who was in a Pakistan refugee camp.

Its portraits like that , that keep me pressing the button, trying to find my elusive "wow" pic, one day, maybe it will happen.

Also had a great night out, thank you to the ladies from Lotus Thai Restaurant, as their event photographer, for the London Wine and Food Show. Though after a few rounds through the venue with Pom or her sisters and i was starting to see double. You know what they say, dont drink and take pictures hehe

Pom seems to know everyone, which is great when your out sampling food and drink !!

She and her fiance Gary are tying the knot June 22nd , I think she's working me to get best price for wedding pics !!

Then she turned me loose with sister Cindy (right) and good friend Judy.

Am getting to old for this haha

Fresh roll happiness !
The things I do for Food !

Got to go in the back kitchen where the various booths were doing prep work and cooking before heading out to the floor.

And yes somehow samples of everything magically appeared in front of me, go figure.


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