Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What it takes

Had a comment from someone today , saying how much they enjoyed reading my updates, from this my little slice of the worldwide interweb.

As I start writing my thought out here, I realized there are friends of mine, in other countries that don't have the freedom to read what I write, see what I see and share in  some of the places I go.
This people rely on me to make an alternate version that I craft in an email that I have to insert each picture into , hoping that email won't be to large for Yahoo or Hotmail or Gmail.
In most cases I have to resize all the pictures and put it all together, painful at times, especially on large postings.

Count yourself lucky that you can at your convenience, press a button and do as you wish, in this thing called the Internet that continues to develop and grow daily.

Anyways back to my thought.

All of you out there that read my blog and many others like it (or not like it) I usually get the same comments or feedback, about my creativity , the pictures and the writing or lack thereof.

Know that none of it comes easily !!!

My posts are seldom when I am not inspired, either by the pictures I am taking or what is going on around me at the time.
That writing out your thoughts in detail and trying to express yourself without repeating the same catch prhrases or  starting every new sentence with "So....." is brutal at times.

The words flow from the pictures, from what I see, my experiences, the people I meet.

And honestly there are times when I cant find the words, I struggle with that sentence to describe what I feel or how I felt.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Not sure what this one says but from a color and wow point of view , I really like it. some toy I found sitting outside the Budweiser Gardens (formerly John Labatt Center)

And it all starts with the pictures, my great challenge in life.

I have been fortunate enough to have met some really great people this last year, all of which are photographers, all with different eyes, all with different skills.
All these people force me to look at myself and the pictures I take.
They also have made me realize that the sharing of our combined experiences and our skills is the greatest part of that black box that can spit out images at 4 to 10 frames per second.

That black box is an extension of yourself.
And that although the technology fails me at times it constantly reminds me, that I have yet to master it.

Taking the pictures, writing this blog and sharing with whoever wishes to read, gives me some sense of having a small piece of the world. Though reality is this is all vapour wear, does not really exist, it is only 1's and 0's on the electronic network covering this earth.

Then one day you find you are part of reality, you exist, of course realization and reality can sometimes clash.

My reality is I exist , there to seen by anyone that passes.
Again the pictures speak for themselves.

and yes that's a real sign in some undisclosed part of the world


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