Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year !!

2011 is over - great year - really no complaints about it at all.

Did not get to do a pic New Years Eve, oh well next year - haha

Finished off the year with some pic sessions.

First was a promotion I got involved in at the Shiseido counter at The Bay , Masonville, London,ON.
This started form a conversation this past summer, while picking up some product to bring to China.
Started off with "I am flying out tomorrow and need this...", where I was going, what i was doing , the subject of pics came up (of course) and then a promise to return to show what I saw in China and share camera talk. 

My original idea was to offer my services at The Bay for any woman who had a complete makeup session done, to take a few head shots, for no charge, email them. add some something to what they were already getting and to push myself outside my comfort zone once again.

It all finally happened in December, when I got contacted by the Shiseido Manager back in October , asking if I would work exclusively with them on this idea. 
Can't say no can you !!
Clientele is primarily Asian, the product is well known Japanese company.

This  would be exclusive to that counter, special invitation only to the customers.
 So took a small room in the store used for facials, and transformed it into mini-studio !!
White paper on the wall, barely squeezed in and then i was pushing my back into the drywall to get some distance between me and the subjects.

 One thing i realized after is I was getting a lot of yellow cast from the wall on the right, bouncing back into the pics . Next time will bring a piece of left over paper or white sheet to put on that wall.

First up was a lady from Hong Kong, amazing smile, after a few minutes she really warmed up to the camera and started to have fun.

Followed by sisters, Jie and Lila, originally from Shanghai.

We know who the poser is !! Lila had previous experience with having her photo taken back in China and used it to her advantage. Lucky me !

The experience forced me to talk to them , find something to take them away from the camera pointed at their head, get them comfortable, find that smile or look that speaks about who they are.
Not easy, 
Remember that next time you have pics taken at some large chain store photo studio and then compare them against pics done by a professional studio.  The difference is the person behind that camera, what they bring to the table, what they see, how they feel.  Big Box stores can pump them out at high volume, camera, lights all locked down, every pic the same. Like a cookie cutter or photo copier.

I will be doing this again ! learned alot and will be smoother and more confident the next time around.

To close off the year, I actually ended with thet Gents that helped me really get out there at the start of the year back in May 2011. Hurtin Merv and The Boys were tearing it up at The Wortley Roadhouse, London,ON.

Calm before the storm as they say. 

The Wortley Roadhouse has been in business since 1990, caters to a real broad range of customers, though seems the average person is past 40 and has a few dollars to spend.

The Wortley was its usual Cougar and Sausage fest - haha.

That's Merv down on the dance floor, doing what he does best, keep the customers happy. That's at least 8 women standing there taking it all in.

Place was packed, boys were playing their usual, so took advantage to get some shots,  like above , behind the band.
Few extra of Mr Greg on skins, he usually seems to be in the shadow of front men Ryan (bass) and Terry (guitar) holding it all together. So his turn to be in the spot light.

Would say am starting to see a difference in some of the pics I am taking of music groups now versus at the start of the year. Pushing past my fears to get those shots.

Next up Bender at the Eastside this coming Friday and then Sabbath Only Sabbath, with opener Nail  on Jan 28th.  Should be good shows.

All the best to everyone in 2012. 
I encourage everyone to get outside, take a camera, take pics, push yourself.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” Helen Keller

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