Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Weather outside is Toasty (sing like "Let it Snow"

Toasty aint the right word

Ok weather update from China
Today in Wuhan is about 34c right now, thats 93f for you Mericans tuning in (haha)

add 50% humidity

Its a sweat fest out there, basic tshirt and after a few minutes your drenched.
Everyone showers at night here, no one bothers in the morning , just dont make sense any other way.

Beijing will be in the low 30's celcius or low 90's farenheit

There is no insulation in the walls here - its basic concrete and brick construction and finished walls on the inside - plaster.
At the end of the day the walls are warm.
The main reserve water tank on the top of the building is heated up real nice for showers later on, no need for hot water for your shower.

just wonderful haha

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