Monday, May 31, 2010

Travel Plans made

Ok its official !!

Flying out of Toronto , Thursday June 3rd @ 10am, with quick stopover in Hong Kong 15hrs later and then onto Shanghai. When I get there it will be tomorrow already !!

A driver will be waiting for me in Shanghai, and will deliver me to an apartment (versus 2 months of hotel).

Am sure the first few days will be wacky and then some !!

People keep asking if I am excited. I dont have an answer for that one.
Am maybe more numb than anything, kinda like spending your life riding a bike and then find yourself in a Ferrari going 220km/hr !!

more later

Monday, May 24, 2010

Travel Plans

Hoping to have all the travel plans finalized tomorrow , so i can plan the next week. Will update with details once available. Good news is that my trip has been cut back to 2 months. Seems as its my first visit to China I can only obtain a 2 month visa and have to leave the country 30 days after arriving and then re-enter. Have been told that Hong Kong is the place to go if you have to leave for a weekend. I will suffer quietly

I have only traveled off the continent 2 times (both times to Cuba) and I think spending a week at a resort with all you can eat and drink , does'nt count as real travel. lol So a 12-14 hr flight across to the other side of the world is pushing my travel buttons. Will admit to having some anxiety when it comes to traveling to another part of the world. My vacations have consisted of places I can drive too, so when you've had enough or just ain't feeling it you hit the happy highway.

ok now what the heck do you pack for 2 months ?
I got electronics, laptop, ipod and camera gear all figured out, that's the easy part.

Well all is not lost they have WalMart in China

Johnnie Walker is on sale for 10% percent off

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ok here we go

Taking my first plunge into blogging.
Thought it would be a good place to share my upcoming travel, thoughts, observations and pictures (of course).

I have gone from running my small business in London,ON to taking a position as International Director Technical Services for a manufacturer of rubber products used in the textile industry.