Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday and am in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province

Today is customer visit day in Shaoxing, located in Zhejiang province.
Visited 3 customers today, basically western face of the product.

passed this guy on the way in with some ducks on the back of his motorcycle- you see lots of stuff being carried on bikes here. its fast and cheap

We are staying at the Kaiyue Hotel in Shaoxing - quite nice ! pics tomorrow.
Shaoxing is a city thats about 2400 yrs old and a population of aprox 3 million.. The local Salesperson took us out for diner and a little tour.

Diner consisted of , Tofu with Shrimp/Mushrooms, Greenbeans and something (they couldnt translate) potatoe done in thi strips, some type of roasted nut, spicy chicken, spring roll and a fish stew.
The fish stew was awesome !! and spicy - they use lots of red peppers here. we had yellow wine liquer and a Budwesier with diner - the BUds are brewed in China and taste like chinese beer. of course tea with every meal.
Then we headed for alittle walk close by, to see an old style street in Shaoxing. The street , aside from the shops and services being updated, is how its been for 100's of years. The paving stones are stones and origional to the street.

Nearby was a canal and they give boat rides for tourists and locals. These baots are particular to this city and region and am sure we have all seen in movies.

Interesing is this blend of old and new that seems to find its way into life here. On one side of the street we have a ancient tower located in the middle of a park and then on that same park the Shaoxing Grand Theatre building - glass and steel

or this one of a 3 wheeled bike (rickshaw for lack of better term) and an Audi TT

ok , Andrea asked what traffic looks like here in Shanghai. This shot is the main street next to the office on the way home at the end of the day. main roads here have 4 4 to 6 lanes - 2 outside lanes are seperated and mainly bikes and scooters, inside lanes are cars and trucks

anyways thats it for today, am trying to schedule a trip to downtown Shanghai this next weekend, will depend on peoples availability as our Tradeshow starts on the 24th , so its all hands on deck.
am here in Zhejiang province for a few days as we have more customers visits to schedule and actual work to be done by the techs (and training for me)

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  1. Thanks for updating us with your pictures and comments. I like the old style street...good pic! Food looks good...just curious... are you missing any food from home?