Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday - its been a week

K have been here a week now, feels like forever.
Getting a little more comfortable and finding some kind of routine.

My roommate Alex went back to the other side of Shanghai to spend the weekend with his girlfriend. About an hour by bus. So am flying solo this weekend.

Decided to hit the Expo, since I got lots of spare time on my hands.
its 160rmb to get in and they take VISA. That's about $23ca, which is pretty good. its about 25km from the apt so decided to take a taxi, bus would have been forever and I wouldn't know which one to take. So that was 58rmb or about $8ca to get into the heart of the city. when you first arrive to the side I came in on , its more of China and Shanghai's buildings etc, development and technology centres - more geared to people coming in the country to setup shop etc. so then you cross the Huanpu River via expo Ferry (free) and enter the actual expo site. was a cloudy hazy day so pics are brutal - light is coming from everywhere and makes colors and shapes all messed up.

View of China pavilion from across the river - see how that haze kills sharpness and color

Once you get on site its is massive beyond belief.
I was there from just after 2pm and left around 19:30 and wont say i went past every pavilion. So a return trip is required. As time went by the light started to change and really helped getting some OK pics. For you camera nuts - The Sigma 10-20mm lens paid off big time here in Av mode and also tried A-Dep on the Canon T1i. Even with the 18-50mm was having a hard time getting things in frame.

So we start with Canada. This was the back of the building as seen from the over head walkway that runs the length if the park.

Around the corner was Colombia

And Brazil right next door

The Korean pavilion was pretty cool

and the Chinese pavilion with some color now - I watched a photographer with some major hardware wait about 30 minutes - he was watching the light on the building to change

had Brazilian Steak sandwich for a snack - actually was really freaking good and was 48rmb ($6) usual pricey food inside events and places (considering what you can buy here on the street).

So now that I have been (and will go again) will push for later in the afternoon, when the sun is going down - the pics were clearer. the of course the lights came on all over the place - spectacular !!

got home after some grocery shopping - gotta have fixings for coffee in the morning of course - knowing there was a cold one in the fridge. OK 600ml of cold draft style Chinese beer waiting in the ice box, ready for it…. 5.90rmb or 85cents ca (yes cents Canadian). You could develop a serious problem here if your not careful.
OK time to hit the showers and head to the office. This week we are preparing for the ITMA-Shanghai Trade show - International Textile Manufacturers Association. This is the Asian version of the show and is quite large - producers, manufacturers, vendors and purchasers will arrive from most of this continent. We are expecting a large number of India based companies.  There is a world show happening in Barcelona, Spain next year - Oh Ya !!!


  1. Goodmorning Doug !!! I don`t know what the time difference is btw us...I will look into it this week. Lovin' reading up on your travels...its become and evening family read. Even the kids are interested and asking alot of questions about you.
    Wanted to let you know we whent out to Tyson Lake last week and Ellie caught a 4 lb bass that we released...beautiful fish...her princess rod was bent in half reeling that sucker
    We also whent to the back of Capreol for a day out in the bush and by the lake...beautiful sunny day...found some new fishing spots !!!
    Keep on writing up on your adventures...Can you send pics of animals (bugs, cats, dogs etc..) if you see any or cars/motorbikes/bikes...the kids want to see more pics....

    玩得高兴 - (translation - Have a nice day )

    meantime take ya...miss ya ! : )

  2. Hi Doug, amazing pics once again! Looking forward to more from the Expo.
    Alex is tree planting again this summer so he'll have to wait until he's back in civilization to read up on everything.
    We celebrated Scott's birthday this past Sunday...19!! Now you can take both boys out for a beer hahahaha
    That's so cool about Barcelona next year! What an adventure and getting paid for it! lol

  3. Great photo's Doug. Sounds like you're having a great adventure. We're not. The coffee machine broke at work today. Pretty exciting eh?
    Call me when it's time for us to go to
    Send more pics with you in them so we believe you're really there..haha