Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday and I'm Tired

spent 4 nights away this week.
Thankfully our visit Saturday morning was short lived, so were back at the Shanghai Ranch by 12pm

so quick update as am not in the mood for fiddly computer photo editing etc right now.

Kevin asked for proof of life in China.
Took this Friday morning on the way out of the hotel.  As you can see am good enough with chopsticks that i am not starving !! actually have lost a few pounds.

and for those that were wondering , this is what a rubber  belt looks like. This is the old one being weilded around by these guys playing the unsafe workplace game. no safety shoes and after tipping the lift they just added more guys for ballast lol. The belt new is 3" thick and 13ft long and 1800cm wide - packed in the shipping case it runs close to 1000kgs.

the small town we were in celebrated Dragon Boat festical like every where else in China on June 16th. Caught this pic as we went out to find some water from local store.

more substantial update coming on Sunday - till then have fun keep smiling !!

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