Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Pictures and view of work and home

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Though a post with some pics to give you an idea of where I am living etc was called for.

The apartment I am styaing in is at the corner of Chunshen and Lianhua South Rd , Shanghai.
Kind of the South side of the city on the edge of industrial section of town.
Am about 10 minute walk from our office located at Silver City Rd and Lianhua South Rd, so easy enough to get too. Will venture farther north this weekend, and get closer to the city centre.

Outside of my office window is this view (taken with wide angle lens - really wide Sigma 10-20mm)
The complex is called Mega Mall - mostly office space on the top floors with retail and restaurants on the bottom floors. Theres a Nike store, a sports store selling running shoes and gear - name brand stuff. a few bars, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. Around the corner are smaller private restaurants that we eat lunch at (pics to come). all in all pretty modern and not much different than any other city we know, except that the average Shanghai citizen cant really afford to shop at these places. Mainly young people (most likely living at home) with disposable income)

Now for some Apartment pics - just your average 2 bedroom apartment , that honestly I would gladly live in if available at home. The hardwood floor runs right thru the living room, dining room and bedrooms. The Kitchen and Bathroom have tile floor and walls ! The company is renting this apartment from someone who moved for whatever reason. Has gas 2 burner stove - no oven. That thing under the stove i think is some kind of plate/utensil dryer/sterilizer ??? Moen fixtures in Kitchen and Bathroom , with a Bosch instant hotwater machine around the corner of the kitchen wall. The apartments actually go from front to back with windows on each end. So from the living room you see the courtyard between the buildings (previous post) and from the Kitchen I can see RTMart.

The front door key is kinda neat , and not something we are used to seeing . That black cover actually moves down to protect the key and locks with the silver wire. 

From the kitchen - RT Mart back corner - those yellow buses are owned and operated by RT Mart - they shuttle customers to and from neighborhoods in the area and are free of charge !! beat that one WalMart.

ok off to diner somewhere - will be cheap and taste good - will take pictures this time


  1. That's a great apartment! Anxious to see pics from when you head to the city centre.
    So, do you feel more at ease with this adventure?

  2. Great to see your new home. The key is pretty cool. Still waiting for Shangai's Expo pics...